Welcome & Course Overview

Welcome & Course Overview

4 Minute Social Media Pro Overview and Member Orientation

4 Minute Social Media Pro Overview and Member Orientation. Find out what to do FIRST and download PDF of with best course pathways to meet your unique training needs.

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Jesse Jameson
Jesse Jameson
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Co-founder, Social Media Manager Pro

As a Facebook Marketing Specialist with more than 17 years of Internet Marketing experience, Jesse helps companies both large and small, from Tech Start Up's, Fortune 100's, Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Celebrities, and local businesses to maximize their Facebook Marketing efforts. He's guided clients to build a Facebook presence from concept to millions of fans and has managed over $10M in Facebook Advertising. He's worked with and coached some of today’s top Internet marketers. His particular area of expertise is as a Strategic Social Media Marketing Consultant; helping companies to leverage the data intelligence of Social Media and effectively apply it to all areas of their business.

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1 Video
2 Texts

Course Curriculum

Course Overview Video and Course Pathway PDF