Course curriculum

  • 1

    Join the Social Media Pro CONNECT Group

    • Welcome to the CONNECT Video Archive and Knowledge Vault Library.

  • 2


    • What is Digital Accessibility and Why is it Important?

  • 3

    Ad Skills

    • Why You Need Adskills!

  • 4


    • Agile Foundations: Intro for All Things Agile for Marketers

  • 5


    • Streamline Your Agency Workflow with AI and Chat GPT

    • AI powered Audits with KBJ

    • Part 2: AI-Powered Audits with KBJ and Barbara Sanchez

    • AI-Powered Content Marketing with KBJ

    • AI-Powered Social Media: Tools & Apps

    • Creating Art with AI - with Ori Bengal

    • Perfecting AI Prompts with KBJ

    • AI-Powered Video Content

    • Robot Revolution: Use A.I. to Skyrocket Your Profits

    • Let’s Make Magic with Canva’s Magic Studio!

  • 6

    Analytics & Reporting

    • Google Analytics with Courtney Byrd

    • Social Media ROI and Analytics with Steph Nissen & Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Results That Matter with Sam Lees

    • Social Media Advertising: KPIs, Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting

    • How to Track Your Social Campaigns Using Google Analytics

  • 7

    Content Creation, Curation, Repurposing

    • Content Curation Best Practices & Tips, and When is Automation OK

    • Creative Content Ideas with Deb Laflamme & Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Restaurant and Event Venues Content Creation Tips

    • How to Create Relationship-Building Content with Denise Alison

    • How to Automatically Repurpose a Single Video Into 25+ Pieces of Content

    • How To Make Content Creation Accessible

    • How To Write Compelling, Viral Social Media Copy

    • The Missing Link Between Content and Funnels

    • The New Content Game

  • 8

    Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging

    • Does Content Marketing Still Matter?

    • Online Marketing 101

    • One Post, Multiple Platforms with Lynan Saperstein

    • Email Marketing with Hank Hoffmeier and Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Creating a Content Marketing Plan

    • Creating a Content Marketing Plan - Part 2

    • Creating a Content Marketing Plan: Part 3

    • Contest Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing Plan for Authors

    • Blogging Strategies and Content Planning for 2019

    • Business Blogging 101

    • Bilingual Marketing for Social Media Pros

  • 9

    Community Management & Groups

    • Future of Social & Community Management in Web 3.0

    • 5 M’s of Community Management with Deb Mitchell

    • Social Media Managers Moderator Panel

    • Building Powerful Online Communities

  • 10

    Content Management

    • Building A Content Management System That Works For You

  • 11


    • The Copywriting Rules You WISH You Had in College

  • 12

    Customer Experience & Reputation Management

    • Online Reputation Management with Claire Winslow

    • Find Your Tribe: 8 Steps to Find Your Ideal Customers and Improve the Customer Experience

    • The Wholistic Approach to a Client Relationship

  • 13


    • Digging Into Discord

  • 14


    • Facebook: Brand New Client Walkthrough with Jesse Jameson

    • Creator Studio Overview & Facebook Changes with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Produce Facebook Live Videos Like a Social Media Pro

    • Social Video

    • Video on Facebook with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Build A Client Attraction Machine with Facebook Live

    • How To Use Facebook and Instagram Trends To Your Advantage

  • 15

    Facebook Ads

    • Facebook Ads Master Class with Jesse Jameson

    • How to Use Data to Create Content Your Audience Loves

    • Client Facebook Ads Audit with Jesse Jameson

    • Facebook Retargeting: Remarketing to Website Visitors

    • Learn Facebook Ads from an Ex-Facebook Employee

    • Facebook Ads Clinic with Jesse Jameson

    • Finding You the “Right” Target Audience with Facebook with Jesse Jameson

    • Facebook Ads Primer with Jesse Jameson

    • Leveraging the Audience Targeting Power of Facebook

    • Facebook Ad Tactics with Jesse Jameson

    • Building Your First Facebook Ad with Sachit Gupta

    • Driving Conversions with Facebook Ad Funnels with Claire Winslow

    • Claire Winslow with Devani Freeman: Creating Online Challenges + Facebook Ads

    • Facebook Ads: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

    • Facebook Ads Q & A with Jesse Jameson

    • Fanpage Karma and Facebook Ads with Jesse Jameson

    • Effective Social Media Campaigns with Courtney Byrd & Ruoyun Xu

    • Paid Social: Tips & Tricks with Courtney Byrd

  • 16

    Finding & Onboarding Clients

    • Get Found (or Find a Job) on the Social Media Manager Pro Directory

    • Client Consultations with Kate & Jesse

    • Onboarding New Clients: The First 30 Days with Courtney Byrd

    • Connecting the Dots Between Your Passion and Your Audience

    • Roadmapping: How to Get Your Clients Where They Need to Go Without Pulling Out Your Hair

    • Optimizing Client Consultations, Audits & Proposals

    • Content Strategy PDF

    • Finding (and Landing!) Clients with Kate Buck Jr. and Kelly Noble Mirabella

    • Managing Your Very First Client with Kate Buck Jr.

    • New Client Onboarding

    • Tips to Manage (or De-Escalate) Your Most Difficult Clients

    • The 3 Campaigns You Need To Attract More Leads, Convert More Clients & Create Referrals For A Lifetime!

    • Selling Social Strategy

    • Closing Clients Like a Pro! Top Sales Closing Techniques for SMMs

    • Mastering the Client Experience with Nicole Smith

    • Asking Client Questions with Jennifer van Allstyn

  • 17

    Goals, Mindset, Personal Development

    • The Power of a Pause

    • Value Exchange with Jesse Jameson

    • Social Media Goals with Debra Eckerling

    • The Oops Moment: Eliminating Marketing Mistakes, Mishaps & Missteps

    • Work-Life Alignment... Because Balance is BS

    • Kicking Off 2020 with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Personal & Biz Development + Q & A

    • Goal-setting and Mindset Hangout with Jesse Jameson & Kate Buck Jr.

    • 2019 Kick off slides

    • Where You're Going & How You'll Get There

    • Discover Kate's Favorite Things

  • 18

    Graphics Creation & Design

    • Canva for Social Media Managers: Easy Graphic Design Tips

    • Canva Training with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • GIF Creation with Robynne Trifiletti

    • DIY Design for the Creatively Challenged Social Media Manager

    • Visual Content Marketing with Michael Kirsner

    • Canva Training with Claire Winslow

    • Cover Image Tutorial

  • 19

    Influencer Marketing

    • Is It Time For Your to Go LIVE on Amazon

    • Marketer AND Influencer: Connecting the Dots

    • Creating an Influencer Program Without Breaking The Bank

    • Influencer Marketing with Kristen Daukas

    • Influencer Outreach with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Influencer Marketing with Dorien Morin-van Dam & Christian Karasiewicz

  • 20


    • Instagram Reels: Your Ultimate Guide

    • Instagram Audits with Maria Ganta from Socialinsider

    • A Deep Dive on Hashtags

    • How to Create a Deeper Connection with Stories with Amy Airom

    • Instagram Posts vs. Instagram Stories: How to Create for Both & When to Choose One Over the Other

    • Instagram Bonus Tactics with Tar'lese Trainer & Kate Buck Jr.

    • Instagram for Business with Meredith Gonsalves

    • Become a REAL Instagram Influencer

    • Instagram Stories for Business with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Instagram Stories, Feed Videos & More with Dorien and Ustin Kompaniets

    • How Brands and Marketers Can Navigate the World of Influencer Marketing

  • 21

    Landing Pages, Lead Magnets & List Growth

    • Landing Page Strategy with Jesse Jameson

    • Lead Magnets & List Growth with Melanie McMurrain

    • Avatars, Niches, and Landing Pages

    • How to Use a Free Book as a Lead Generator

  • 22


    • Make Your Mark: How Your Personal Story Can Set You Apart

    • LinkedIn Management Tips for Your Social Media Clients with Kate Paine

    • LinkedIn Live: How Video and Live Video on LinkedIn Can Amplify Your Reach & Grow Your Business

    • Getting Leads from LinkedIn with Merav Levine

    • The Power of LinkedIn and Social Selling

    • Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

    • LinkedIn Profile Optimization with Claire Winslow

    • LinkedIn Video with Gina Carr

    • How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Magnet

    • LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox & Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Ignite Creator Mode to Watch LinkedIn Engagement Explode

    • LinkedIn Pages: How to Support Your Client's Profile

    • Stand Out on LinkedIn in 2023!

  • 23


    • How To Use Meme Marketing To Drive Massive Engagement

  • 24

    Messenger Marketing and Bots

    • Messenger Marketing Training with Jesse Jameson

    • Bot Talk: How to Create Genuine Human Connections with Messenger Bots

  • 25

    Networking, Conferences, Connections, Building Authority

    • How to Win the Media Interview

    • Social Media Week Event Planning with Shelley Webb

    • Getting the Most out of Conferences with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • How to Get Speaking Engagements with Kate Buck Jr.

    • How to Use Social Media to Build Meaningful Connections to Get Ahead in Life and in Business

    • How Networking and Social Media Can Create Explosive Business Growth

    • Interview with Authority Marketing Expert Rob Anspach

    • Creativity: Standing Out From the Crowd with Ori Bengal

    • All-Star Faculty and Guest Expert Hangout

    • Social Media Case Studies

  • 26

    Packages & Pricing, Rates

    • Packages & Pricing with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Raise Your Rates with Lisa Wells

    • Change Your Mindset, Raise Your Rates

    • Raise Your Rates

  • 27

    Planning and Organization

    • Batching Social Content - The Key to a Faster Content Creation Process

    • How to Finish Your To-Do List by Lunch with Thanh Pham

    • Optimizing Personal Productivity with Nathan Ryan & Claire Winslow

    • Time Mastery for Creatives with Alison Tugwell

    • Bulletproof Your Social Media

    • Getting Traction in Your Biz

  • 28


    • Still not on Pinterest with Your Business? You're Missing Out Big Time!

    • Pinterest & Product Marketing with Alisa Meredith

    • Discover The Untold Secrets of Pinterest Promoted Pins (Ads)

    • 5 Part Framework to Manage Pinterest For Clients

    • Why NOW Is The Time To Grow Your Business With Pinterest

    • Pinterest Case Study & Best Practices with Janet E. Johnson

    • Pinterest Strategy & Tactics with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Even More About Pinterest with Kate Buck Jr.

  • 29


    • Podcasting & Story Consultant Marion Abrams

    • Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting in Under 60 Minutes

    • Podcasting with Kate Buck Jr. & Joey McGirr

    • Launching to Marketing: Being a Podcast Manger

    • How A Podcast Solves Your Social Media Problems

  • 30

    Q & A

    • Live Q & A with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Q & A with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Q & A and Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr. - August 2022

    • Over The Shoulder Audit - Live

    • Q&A and Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr. - February 2023

    • Q & A and Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr. - August 2023

  • 31


    • Reddit Hangout with Claire Winslow

  • 32

    Regulated Industries, Non-Profits, Privacy Laws

    • GDPR: What Marketers Need to Know

    • Why Social Is Hard for Non-Profits: But Shouldn’t Be

    • Social Media Marketing for Highly Regulated Industries

    • The Impact of Social Media on Media Consumption Due to the Pandemic

  • 33

    Running (and Growing) Your Business

    • Managing Multiple Clients, Workflows, Outsourcing & More!

    • How to Create a Winning Resume that Gets You Invited for Interviews

    • How to Start Your Own Successful Marketing Agency

    • How to Get a Great Assistant

    • Growing Your Business

    • Scaling Agency Growth

    • The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes Freelancers Make with David Shapiro

    • How to Secure Growth with Retention Marketing

    • Carrie Rose's Course Creation Method

    • Growing Your Business Q & A

    • Making the Leap from Full-Time to Freedom

    • 4 Money Moves All Freelancers Should Make

    • Building a Team with Heather Myklegard

    • 10 SMM Best Practices for Small Businesses with Claire Winslow

    • Using Social Media to Secure Funding with Paul O'Brien

    • Scaling Your Business Using Online Courses

    • The Age of Entrepreneurship: How a Teenager Got Started in Mobile Marketing

    • Improving Business Through Social

    • Freelancing for B2B and Small Businesses

    • Be a Local Hero: How to Create a Social Media Niche for You (or Your Agency) in Your Local Community

    • Where Are They Now with Rob Pene

    • Behind the Curtain: How to Relaunch a Brand

    • Colla'ing with Creatives

    • MONEY TIME: Taxes for Social Media Managers

    • From Freelancer to Agency: Scaling Your Business

  • 34

    Sales, Referrals, and Funnels

    • Sales Funnels with Claire Winslow and Misty Williams

    • Finding Your Tribe: Who is Your Ideal Customer? with Candice Beckmann

    • How to Launch Ecommerce Clients & Their Products

    • Funnel ABCs with Phoebe Mroczek & Claire Winslow

    • Designing a Rewards Program to Increase Sales & Referrals

    • Why Integrating eCommerce is a Vital Component to a Complete Marketing Strategy

    • How To Craft A Killer Sales Strategy & Increase Your Productivity

  • 35

    SEO & Google Ads

    • Google Ads: What's New and Mistakes to Avoid with Rob Ainbinder

    • SEO is as Complicated as You Want to Make It with Rob Ainbinder

    • The Evolution & Future of SEO

    • Winning the Marathon: Generating More Traffic with an Effective Organic Search Strategy

    • How to Write a Blog: Live Blogging Session (Behind the Scenes with Dorien)

  • 36

    SMD Summit 2020: Session Replays and Bonuses

    • Jesse Jameson - Facebook Ad Creation Process: A Complete Walk-through

    • Lissa Duty - Local & Social: Sending Signals That Matter to All the Right Places

    • Kate Paine - LinkedIn Management Tips

    • Dr. Ai Addyson Zhang - Livestreaming to Build your Brand

    • Sherron Washington - Eliminating Marketing Mistakes

    • Lisa Danforth - Work-Life Alignment... Because Balance is BS

    • Rob Ainbinder - SEO is as Complicated as You Want to Make It

    • Denise Alison - How to Create Relationship-Building Content

    • Matthew Malerba - Instagram Posts vs. Instagram Stories

    • Christine Gritmon - Marketing Yourself as a SMM Using Videos

    • Matthew Hughes - Helping Clients Have Confidence on Camera

    • Chef Katrina - Discover The Secrets of Pinterest Promoted Pins

    • Tim Lewis - Using Social Media to Build Meaningful Connections

    • Dorien Morin-Van Dam - Batching Social Content

    • Jennifer Priest - Framework to Manage Pinterest for Clients

    • Steve Dotto - Create Videos, Connect People & Grow Communities

    • Christian Karasiewicz - Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Search

    • Khalid Hamadeh - Learn Facebook Ads from an Ex-Facebook Employee

    • Kate Buck Jr. - Package & Pricing

  • 37

    SMD Summit 2019 Session Replays & Bonuses

    • Social Media Strategy with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Facebook Ads Primer with Jesse Jameson

    • Social Lead Generation Strategies That Will Make YOU Famous!

    • Branding & Brand Storytelling

    • YouTube for Business with Owen Video

    • Instagram Marketing with Tar'Lese Trainer

    • Facebook Groups for Business Growth

    • Top 10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Hacks

    • The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes Freelancers Make

    • Finish Your First Facebook Live

    • LinkedIn & Social Selling

    • Blogging Strategies and Content Planning

    • 3 Secret Ingredients to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

    • Social Media Tools

    • Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

    • Influencer Marketing

    • Social Media ROI & Analytics

    • Making the Leap from Full Time to Freedom

    • Lead Magnets & List Growth

    • Scaling Your Business Using Online Courses

    • Digital Nomad Life as a Social Media Manager

    • BONUS: Finding and (Landing!) Clients

    • BONUS: Scaling Your Agency

  • 38


    • Snapchat for Business with Claire Winslow

    • Snapchat Strategy with Kate Buck Jr. and Damien Basile

    • Snapchat Strategy with Aron Parker

  • 39

    Social for Local Businesses

    • Local Biz Social Media Marketing Strategies

    • Social Marketing for Local Businesses with Carolyn Dyrdahl

    • Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

  • 40

    Social Media Tools: Reviews, Suggestions, Highlights

    • Tools Highlight with Claire Winslow

    • Tools Round-up + Q & A

    • Social Media Tools with Claire Winslow

    • Solve Your Link Issues with LINKEM

    • Social Media Schedulers - Which One Is Right For You?

  • 41

    Social for Real Estate

    • Digital Door Knocking vs. Old School Door-to-Door Knocking for Real Estate

    • Real Estate and Social Media with Whitney Pannell

  • 42


    • How Small Businesses Can Leverage Sponsorships as an Added Revenue Stream to Grow Their Business

  • 43

    Storytelling and Branding

    • Content Marketing: The Poetry of Stories

    • How to TELL, Not Sell, Your Story/Product on Social

    • Why Your Personal Brand Matters (and what it is!)

    • Branding and Brand Storytelling with Dorien Morin-van Dam & Jeff DeHaven

    • Livestreaming to Build Your Personal Brand

    • The Power of Effective Storytelling and Your Brand with Colleen Kerbo

    • Growing Your Personal Brand with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Brand Voice Copywriting for Social Media

    • Rock Your Brand

  • 44


    • Getting More Eyeballs on Your Content

    • What's Working on Social 2020

    • Implementing Your Social Strategy

    • Social Strategist Pro Q & A

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Audits & Strategy with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Certification Overview + Strategy Q & A

    • Developing Strategy with the Objective-First Framework

    • Strategy & Tactics Part 1

    • Strategy + Tactics Part 2

    • Strategy + Tactics Part 3 - The Invitation

    • Quick Fan Building Strategy

    • The Road to 1 Million Followers

    • Step Up Your Strategy with SHORTS

    • Social Strategy Extended Webclass with Kate Buck Jr. - Replay

    • How Online Marketing Works with KBJ

    • How Online Marketing Works: Part 2 with KBJ

    • How Online Marketing Works, Part 3: The Optimization Cycle

  • 45


    • How TikTok Rescued Ryan from Oblivion.

    • Tiktok with Cara Leighty

    • Streamlining Your Short-form Content Game

  • 46


    • Organic Traffic in 2020 with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Organic Video Traffic with Amanda Horvath

    • Earn, Buy, Borrow—3 Types of Traffic

    • Selling & Overcoming Fear with Ryan Stewman

  • 47


    • How to Build an Engaged Community Through Twitter with Samantha Kelly

  • 48

    Video for Social, YouTube, Live Streaming

    • How to Livestream Using StreamYard

    • How to Make Scroll-Stopping Animated Video

    • How to Shape Your Facebook Video Strategy in 2021

    • Be Who? Be You. - Brandy Sales Encore Presentation

    • How to Make Creating Video FUN

    • Hosting your First Live Show: Tips for a Successful Livestream Hour

    • Master Class: Getting Comfortable on LIVE Video

    • Live Stream into the Hearts of Your Followers with Desiree Martinez

    • SEO for YouTube Videos for Better Reach

    • How to Create Videos That Connect with People and Grow a Community

    • Will Edit for Food: The Life and Edits of a Content Creator

    • Helping Clients Have Confidence on Camera

    • How to Earn Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers As Quickly as Possible

    • Video Tips & Gear with Eddie Garrison

    • Social Video Feedback

    • Creative Ways to Market Yourself as a Social Media Marketer Using Videos

    • How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Search (To Reach More Viewers)

    • Taking Fear Out & Putting Fun In - Video Marketing with Dorien Morin

    • How To Make Money For Your Clients On YouTube

  • 49

    Mini Audits Archive

    • Mini Audits and Q&A with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Claire Winslow

    • Mini Audits with Claire Winslow

    • MIni Audits with Kate Buck Jr. & Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr. & Jesse Jameson

    • Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

  • 50

    Q & A Archive

    • FAQs with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Q & A with Kate & Jesse

    • Q & A with Kate & Jesse

    • Q & A with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Q & A with Kate & Jesse

    • Q & A Hangout with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Q & A with Kate & Jesse

    • Holiday Marketing + Q & A with Dorien

  • 51

    Mini Audits

    • Mini-Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr.

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam

    • Mini Audits with Kate Buck Jr

  • 52

    Social Media Pro

    • What's Up With SMP

  • 53


    • Disruptive Marketing 2023: How to Shake Up Your Marketing and Stand Out in Web3

  • 54

    State Of Social

    • State of Social 2023

  • 55


    • THREADS! Everything You Need To Know