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Kate Buck
Kate Buck
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Co-founder, Social Media Manager Pro
Kate Buck Jr. has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits around the globe. She is the creator of a Social Media Manager training program in which more than 10,000 social media managers have participated and speaks at interactive marketing conferences and trainings around the country.

What's included?

3 Multimedia
125 Texts
3 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Facebook Ads Primer with Jesse Jameson
How to Secure Growth with Retention Marketing
Audits & Strategy with Kate Buck Jr.
How to Build an Engaged Community Through Twitter with Samantha Kelly
4 Money Moves All Freelancers Should Make
Influencer Marketing with Kristen Daukas
Organic Video Traffic with Amanda Horvath
Mini Audits with Dorien Morin-van Dam
Making the Leap from Full-Time to Freedom
Time Mastery for Creatives with Alison Tugwell
Results That Matter with Sam Lees
Canva Training with Claire Winslow
Produce Facebook Live Videos Like a Social Media Pro
Mini Audits with Claire Winslow
Designing a Rewards Program to Increase Sales & Referrals
Google Analytics with Courtney Byrd
Social Media ROI and Analytics with Steph Nissen & Dorien Morin-van Dam
GDPR: What Marketers Need to Know
LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox & Dorien Morin-van Dam
Building a Team with Heather Myklegard
Email Marketing with Hank Hoffmeier and Dorien Morin-van Dam
Social Media Advertising: KPIs, Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting
Online Reputation Management with Claire Winslow
How to Launch Ecommerce Clients & Their Products
Creative Content Ideas with Deb Laflamme & Dorien Morin-van Dam
Reddit Hangout with Claire Winslow
Branding and Brand Storytelling with Dorien Morin-van Dam & Jeff DeHaven.
Influencer Marketing with Dorien Morin-van Dam & Christian Karasiewicz
Scaling Agency Growth
Finding (and Landing!) Clients with Kate Buck Jr. and Kelly Noble Mirabella
The Facebook Algorithm Change: What it Means for You and Your Clients
Paid Social: Tips & Tricks with Courtney Byrd
Bot Talk: How to Create Genuine Human Connections with Messenger Bots
Instagram Stories for Business with Kate Buck Jr.
Sales Funnels with Claire Winslow and Misty Williams
Effective Social Media Campaigns with Courtney Byrd & Ruoyun Xu
Facebook Ads: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices
Tools Highlight with Claire Winslow
Finding Your Tribe: Who is Your Ideal Customer? with Candice Beckmann
One Post, Multiple Platforms with Lynan Saperstein
Using Social Media to Secure Funding with Paul O'Brien
Onboarding New Clients: The First 30 Days with Courtney Byrd
LinkedIn Profile Optimization with Claire Winslow
Roadmapping: How to Get Your Clients Where They Need to Go Without Pulling Out Your Hair
The Power of Effective Storytelling and Your Brand with Colleen Kerbo
The Evolution & Future of SEO
Snapchat for Business with Claire Winslow
GIF Creation with Robynne Trifiletti
Messenger Marketing Training with Jesse Jameson
Instagram for Business with Meredith Gonsalves
Claire Winslow with Devani Freeman: Creating Online Challenges + Facebook Ads
Visual Content Marketing with Michael Kirsner
Build A Client Attraction Machine with Facebook Live
Pinterest Case Study & Best Practices with Janet E. Johnson
Facebook Business Manager Training with Nicole Wight
10 SMM Best Practices for Small Businesses with Claire Winslow
Metrics & Reporting with Janet E. Johnson
Interview with Authority Marketing Expert Rob Anspach
Taking Fear Out & Putting Fun In - Video Marketing with Dorien Morin
Kate Buck Jr. Interviews Claire Winslow
Real Estate and Social Media with Whitney Pannell
Growing Your Personal Brand with Kate Buck Jr.
Facebook Ad Tactics with Jesse Jameson
Social Media Marketing Plan for Authors
Growing Your Business Q & A
Growing Your Business
Facebook Ads Q & A with Jesse Jameson
Podcasting with Kate Buck Jr. & Joey McGirr
Creating a Content Marketing Plan: Part 3
Creating a Content Marketing Plan - Part 2
Creating a Content Marketing Plan
Social Media Managers Moderator Panel
Quick Fan Building Strategy
Even More About Pinterest with Kate Buck Jr.
Metrics & Reporting with Kate Buck Jr.
Tagging & Tracking with Kate Buck Jr.
Pinterest Strategy & Tactics with Kate Buck Jr.
Q & A Hangout with Kate Buck Jr.
Landing Page Strategy with Jesse Jameson
Q & A with Kate Buck Jr. (Avatars, Niches, and Landing pages)
Influencer Outreach with Kate Buck Jr.
Carrie Rose's Course Creation Method
Video on Facebook with Kate Buck Jr.
Q & A Hangout + Site Tour with Kate
Q & A with Kate & Jesse
Strategy + Tactics Part 3 - The Invitation
Strategy & Tactics Part 1
Facebook Ads Q & A
Growing Your Business
Optimizing Client Consultations, Audits & Proposals